Register Your Child For a fun interactive Holiday coding programme

Scratch: Learn the fundamentals of coding with a drag and drop coding blocks! (for 7-12 year olds)
Mobile App Development: Build your first mobile app (Android) with drag and drop coding blocks! (for 13-17 year olds)
3D Modelling: Get creative and start making your own 3D designs! (for all ages)
Web Dev: Build your first interactive website! (for 13-17 year olds)

Unleash Your Child's Digital Creativity and Potential!

For Introduction to Coding, Concepts, Games and Interactive Stories

8 Week Program at UGX 140,000/= (7 - 12years) and 200,000/= (13 - 17years)





Spend 8 weeeks learning how to code in a fun, interactive and collaborative way.

Every Saturday from 9:00 AM to 12PM

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Our Philosophy

We pride ourselves on our ability to cater to students who are racing ahead, while supporting those who need more time to practise their skills. We aim to help students better understand the technological tools they have at their disposal, and how they can create rather than simply consume. Students are encouraged to adopt an experimental mindset, and think ‘What if?’ We believe that people with unique interests learn to code for different reasons, and there are many ways to engage students in Uganda with technology in a way they find exciting and encouraging.

Please note...

Participants will be grouped according to primary/secondary school age and supported at all times.
* 7 -12 yr olds will be grouped together
*13-17 yr olds will be grouped together
* 7- 12yr's old: Receive a ratio of support 1:7 with additional MindSet Youth Intern 1:1 assistance provided where necessary
* Registered teacher with First Aid qualifications on site at all times to support participants

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